Over The Course Of His Career, Roger Kimmel Has Demonstrated The Success That Dedication Brings


Roger Kimmel is a respected businessman and entrepreneur who is currently serving in the capacity of Board Chairman with Endo. He is also currently a member of the Board of Directors for the PG&E Corporation. Roger Kimmel attained his current position with Endo after a long and distinguished tenure as a Director with Algos Pharmaceutical Corporation. When Algos Pharmaceutical Corporation merged with Endo in 2000, Roger Kimmel became one of the company’s Directors. He attained his Chairman position in 2007 upon the retirement of the company’s founder Carol Ammon. Attaining this prestigious position has been the culmination of a long and distinguished career in the business world.

Roger Kimmel has had a number of other prestigious appointments over the course of his career such as serving Rothschild Inc. as the investment banking operation’s Vice Chair. He has held this position since the 2001 calendar year. He was also one of the partners with Latham and Watkins, a respected law office. Since January of the 2009 calendar year, Roger H. Kimmel has served the Board of Trustees at the University of Virginia’s Law School Foundation as the organization’s Chairman. Roger Kimmel has also spent time working in the nutrition and fitness industry. During this time period, he served as a member of the Board of Directors with by Weider Health and Fitness and at the Schiff Nutrition International, Inc. company. This is yet another example of the significant diversification that Roger Kimmel has enjoyed over the course of his career in the world of business and law. These many accomplishments have served to set out Roger Kimmel’s career as one of true distinction.

Beyond his distinguished career, Roger Kimmel is also a lecturer at the University of Virginia where he teaches in the college’s school of law. This is yet another way that Roger Kimmel has been able to give back to the University of Virginia. The school is one of his alma maters. Beyond his duties as a lecturer, he has also been featured as the keynote speaker at events such as the Conference Board Center. Roger Kimmel engages in many speaking engagements and often talks on the subject of corporate governance and related topics. Roger Kimmel is himself a graduate of the school of law at the University of Virginia. It was at the school that he obtained his graduate degree. He accomplished this after attaining his Bachelor’s degree at George Washington University.


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