Take The Challenge With Brain Games From Lumosity


The brain needs a daily exercise workout in much the same way that the body does. It is important for cognitive health that individuals keep their brain and mind active and in good shape. Millions of people have already discovered the benefits of a daily workout with the help of Lumosity.

Researchers have spent many years developing cognitive games and tasks in order to measure a person’s cognitive abilities. Lumosity operates as an online brain testing and measuring center. They have been in business for 12 years. The company utilizes many of the researcher’s tasks, and they have also added some more games that they have created themselves.

Customers of Lumosity can log in and begin the cognitive practices from the comfort of their own home. They have a mobile app, and their customers can participate anywhere they go and anytime they wish to. The company offers more than 60 different cognitive games, puzzles, and more.

New customers are asked to first set up an account through their website or on the app. It is a quick process, and it will request answers for only a few basic questions. This will help to personalize the testing. The sign-up is completely free. The brain training games can then be started immediately. There are a variety of games and tasks, and the daily brain workout is fun and enjoyable. There is an interesting fit test. Additionally, they offer Train Problems, Training for Attention, Flexibility, and Speed. There are tasks and games to test for problem solving ability, memory, verbal fluency, and task switching.

It takes only a few minutes a day to play three games. The tests measure the core cognitive skills. Lumosity then computes the results, and people can view their baseline score. An individual can see how they compare with other people in their age range. The results are confidential, and it will keep track of the scores for future reference.

These exercises for the mind are easy to do. They provide a workout for the brain and will help to sharpen skills. The opportunity to play many different types of games keeps things interesting and challenging. The team at Lumosity will send out new workouts to your account every day.

The company has an experienced team of professionals. Their own scientists and researchers work along with the design team, and they collaborate with one another to achieve the best results. The designers and game developers create the themes and the user-friendly features for the games. Lumosity is appropriate for people of all ages.

See: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lumoslabs.lumosity&hl=en


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