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Every year, car accidents create tragic and often lifelong pain for victims and their families. Ryan Bond’s story is just one example of the way legal representation from Kisling, Nestico & Redick can affect the outcome. He was obeying all of the traffic laws while driving when a car hit his vehicle after running through a stop sign. When asked about the collision, Bond mentions that it was one of the most frightening moments of his life. He didn’t see it coming, and his car was t-boned and spun around completely.

The lawyers at Kisling, Nestico & Redick, or KNR, deal with similar cases all the time. The firm is a member of Super Lawyers and the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, which is based on the firm’s record of winning million-dollar settlements for victims.


Kisling, Nestico & Redick

These lawyers have the combined legal experience necessary to construct the best strategy for each case. Since 2005, the team has served the interests of people who have sustained injuries. The firm emphasizes custom solutions to fit the needs of each client. The team is committed to representing a variety of clients, including those with cases related to the following areas:

  • truck collisionsKisling, Nestico & Redick
  • medical malpractice
  • product defects
  • workers’ compensation claims
  • wrongful death

KNR lawyers are deeply committed to justice. The firm grew rapidly since hiring the first paralegals in 2005, and it now employs around 40 attorneys and 100 staff members and maintains 11 offices in Ohio. Anyone who has been in a car accident can relate to Bond’s story. His adrenaline kicked in to such an extent that he was unable to tell whether he was injured. This is a common experience for people involved in auto collisions; sometimes, the symptoms won’t present for hours. In addition, he found himself faced with an adversarial system that favors big insurance companies over injured victims.

After the Accident

Bond mentions how it came as a revelation to him that the insurance company had no interest in helping the person who got hit. It can be overwhelming to see an insurance company fighting so hard for the person who was at fault. Bond urges people who are facing this situation to get strong legal representation as soon as possible. He knows the pitfalls of trying to take on huge insurance conglomerates as an individual.

The most critical moments happen right after a car accident occurs. The legal system requires police reports, witness statements, and other documentation that can only be collected at the scene. It is important to get help right away because a hidden injury can prevent you from thinking clearly during the most influential time.

Insurance Companies’ Unethical Practices

Bond points out that insurance companies are in the business of denying claims, and they do this on a professional level. The victim of a car accident, on the other hand, is likely experiencing a state of shock and pain. He says that “you don’t want to go into a situation with somebody having that much leverage over you.”

Who would go to bat against a pitcher from a major league team? Bond finds similarities in the position of a person trying to fight against an insurance conglomerate without a legal team. This is why he went to KNR to get help; he knew that this fight was best left to professionals who are trained to play hardball.

The KNR Legal Team

This firm offers clients something unusual: One of the managing partners went through the insurance industry nightmare personally. At the age of 15, he was injured by a driver who ran through a stop sign. He was forced to face the guilty driver’s insurance company with a steel rod in his arm, multiple broken bones, and a hematoma. His presence on the KNR legal team is an example of the firm’s commitment to fighting for justice. When clients like Bond contact KNR, the next round begins.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick

Bond recalls how his situation changed once he initiated contact with the KNR legal firm. “I felt like I was informed along the whole process,” says Bond. “I’m personally relieved that I picked KNR to represent me.” He was particularly pleased with the level of responsiveness. Communication happened quickly through emails, phone calls, and in-person meetings.

He mentions that the paralegals were great at following through with phone calls, and he really felt like the entire team was actively engaged in fighting for justice in his case. Before contacting KNR, Bond felt alone and intimidated by the resources of the large corporation that stood to benefit by undermining his position.

Bond’s Experience with KNR Lawyers

Bond praises the treatment he received from the legal team at KNR. “You guys are saints in what you do, in fighting the good fight,” he says. He notes the level of transparency and mentions how it increased his confidence in the law firm. He says that it was good to feel like he was being treated fairly, and he always felt that the team was working hard to represent his interests.

Bond’s experience is all too common. It is extremely difficult to deal with the stress of injuries, missed work, accruing medical bills, and related expenses. It is easy to feel isolated and forced to fight the legal battles alone. Insurance companies often take advantage of people in this condition and pressure them to make statements that could be used against them later. This is precisely what happened to Bond, and he urges others to get in contact with a supportive legal firm immediately after any car accident.

Legal Representation from KNR

People who experience a car accident are often confused and disoriented, and talking to insurance representatives will only make it worse. The legal team at KNR is dedicated to fighting to protect your legal rights. Our seasoned lawyers are ready and willing to answer any questions you might have about the process.

We take you through each step along the way to ensure that you understand our legal strategy. We maintain open communication channels at all times, and we fight aggressively in the courtroom on your behalf. After an injury occurs, time is critical. Contact Kisling, Nestico & Redick immediately after a car accident or injury occurs. We can fight for you best when you talk to us first.


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