Trump Highjacks Washington’s Yearly Fourth Of July Celebration


Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr wants Donald Trump Jr. to come back and tell him why he said he didn’t know much about the Trump Tower project in Moscow. The Trump Organization wanted to build the tallest building in Europe, and the company picked Moscow for that project. The plan to build a Trump Tower in Moscow started a couple of years before Trump won the election, according to the New York Times.

Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal lawyer went to Moscow and negotiated a deal with a Russian developer. Don Jr. knew all the project details. Ivanka and Eric Trump also knew about the project.

But when Don Jr. sat in front of Congress in 2017, he told lawmakers he didn’t know much about the Moscow project. He kind of laughed off their questions in a way that pissed several lawmakers off. Richard Burr wants to know why Trump lied, and why he attended several meetings with Russians. Burr sent Don Jr. a subpoena, and that created a firestorm between him and his Republican colleagues.

Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal told the press Don Jr. should appear before the committee. But according to several news reports, Don Jr. might ignore the subpoena or he may execute his Fifth Amendment rights in writing. Senator Blumenthal thinks Don Jr. should go to jail if he doesn’t comply with the subpoena. Trump’s oldest son is a private citizen, and like any other private citizen who defies a subpoena, he should go to jail.

Mr. Trump is angry about Don Jr.’s situation, but he’s angrier at Don McGahn, the former White House lawyer who told Mueller Trump asked him to fire the special counsel. Congress wants McGahn to tell them what he told Mueller, but the president blocked McGahn from testifying. Mr. Trump’s game plan is to block every subpoena and every request from Congress.

But Mr. Trump claims he’s a great president. He wanted a parade in his honor after he visited France and saw the massive event the French put on for Macron during the Bastille Day celebration. So Trump decided he would highjack the yearly Washington Fourth of July celebration and make it about him this year. He plans to move the location, and he wants to change the venue so he can hold a campaign rally. For decades, the Washington Fourth of July celebration was about the country, not a president, but this year’s event is all about Trump.


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