Trump Wants Barr To Investigate Biden According To Giuliani


Senator Adam Schiff thinks the best way to get the people to talk to Congress is to fine them. Mr. Schiff claims Congress has the right to fine citizens as much as $25,000 a day if they ignore Congressional subpoenas. Congress wants former White Lawyer Don McGahn to testify, and there’s talk that Robert Mueller may sit in front of Congress. Congress asked Mueller to come and talk. He has not received a subpoena.

There are other White House aides on the Congressional list. Those aides spoke to Mueller during his investigation, and they told him Trump’s actions when his investigation started were sketchy. Mr. Trump wanted Mueller fired, and he asked aides to do illegal things to help him achieve that goal. All the aides denied the president’s requests.

Congress wants to get all the details of their encounters with Trump during that time, but Trump pulled the executive privilege card. Trump wants to shut down the Mueller report. Congress is in the process of dealing with what Congressman Jerry Nadler calls a constitutional crisis due to Trump’s use of executive privilege.

Mr. Trump claims “constitutional crisis” are just words the Democrats made up to confuse the public. The president claims he has every right to stop the Congressional Mueller report investigation because Attorney General Bill Barr said Trump is innocent.

Washington attorney George Conway told the press Trump committed “the Ultimate high crime” for being a malignant narcissist who views the Mueller report as an attack on his ego. According to Conway, Trump overlooks the fact that Russia interfered with the 2016 election. Trump believes he won the election without Russia’s help, but the facts in the Mueller report tell a different story.

Mr. Conway claims the American people have a right to see the complete Mueller report. Trump’s attitude toward Russia indicates he doesn’t want to rock Putin’s boat. Several reports claim Putin and Trump have some deal in place although there’s no proof of that.

Kamala Harris wants Bill Barr to come clean and tell Congress Trump asked him to investigate his political foes. But it seems Rudy Giuliani answered that question. Rudy thinks Trump wants Barr to investigate Joe Biden. Rudy claims Joe did some illegal things while he was vice president. Joe tried to help his son do a deal in Ukraine, and Trump wants to use that to smear Biden during the campaign.


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